About pegs

The “Prayon” star dowels is available in 10 different lengths (20 to 80 mm) with a diameter varying between 4.8 and 8 mm. 

Advantages of the star dowels: 

  • It is a modern, efficient and cost-effective assembly process. 
  • It can be driven into the wood without splintering or cracking the wood. 
  • The harpoon tip and the cross shape of the dowel ensure an effective grip in wood filters and an absolutely perfect fixing.
  • After installation, a few planing strokes bring the dowel perfectly level with the frame plane without any danger to the tool blades. 
  • Made of zamak metal which does not rust or stain the wood. 

Fields of application :

All woodworking, such as window frames and shutters, doors, floors, kitchen furniture, benches, shelters, garden borders, etc.