Zamak alloy

Zamak is an alloy composed mainly of zinc, but also of aluminium, magnesium and copper. Its name is an acronym of the German names of the metals that make it up: Zink (zinc), Aluminium, MAgnesium 
(magnesium) and Kupfer (copper).

This alloy is used in many different fields of application such as means of transport, tools, electronics, clothing, sport, medical equipment, etc. It is appreciated for its dimensional accuracy, aesthetic appearance and high mechanical properties.

Main avantages :

    • Sustainable and economical material

    • Solidity

    • Very good flowability

    • Very good resistance to corrosion (thanks in part to the majority of zinc in the composition)

    • High production rate

    • Decoration ability, customised finish

    • Dimensional stability

    • High resistance to rubbing